More Reasons to Go Hiking in The Netherlands

More Reasons to Go Hiking in The Netherlands


The Netherlands is a big country located in Northwestern Europe. It’s a beautiful country surrounded by nostalgic views of cities and nature. If you are tired of the usual Amsterdam city trip, it’s time to go hiking and explore new places in the Netherlands. You’ll thank us later for making this suggestion.

Friendly Countryside Locals for Outdoorsy People

The countryside people are more welcoming and friendly to tourists. Of course, cultural differences between city people and country people also exist in the Netherlands. It doesn’t mean that city people are snobbish, they are also nice to tourists. But the country people are much more open to strangers. Travelling to the countryside unravels new destinations while meeting warm and friendly locals. Some may offer you tea or coffee if they like you. And they can tell you well-treasured travel spots unseen by the internet.

Gentle Hiking Destinations for Beginners

If you are a first-timer in hiking, don’t worry. The Netherland has all kinds of terrain for any levels. We highly recommend Oisterwijkse Bossen en Vennen, Oisterwijk for beginners because the slopes are pretty stable. And if you visit this place at the right season, you will be welcomed by herds of tulips gracing the vast, open sky. The view is different from Amsterdam top sightseeingwhere you can see almost the whole city. But Oisterwijkse Bossen en Vennen has the charm that makes it irresistible for hikers.

Convenient Hotels and Inns After an Exhilarating Hike

Hiking is a fat-burning activity. So, if you are burning calories, you are also burning energy. After a long hike, there areAmsterdam hotels cheapthat you can count on. They are located in the countryside especially established for hikers. Don’t expect a 5-star quality, but when your energy is depleted to its core, all you will care is a good night sleep.

Bikeable Routes are Available

The Netherlands supports the green movement by making bikes accessible for everyone. There are rentals everywhere. So, if you want to bring some cycling into your hiking tour, that’s possible. Hoge Veluwe National Park, Arnhem has the perfect set up for bikers-slash-hikers as it has a strange combination of woodlands and dunes.